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Carmen D’Ambrosio, Professional EOS Implementer™

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Carmen is a dynamic leader known as business innovator and talent developer.  Carmen grew up in an entrepreneurial family and she took over the family business of hair salons at a young age.   She created a clear vision, created leadership collaboration, and results.  Her people development lead to the sale of her business to several members of the leadership team.

After selling her business Carmen joined a Fortune 50 company in which she received 3 promotions in less than 10 years. Her intuitive entrepreneurial thinking coupled with her ability to simplify unlocked new solutions to drive success throughout a national sales organization.  Carmen was accountable for overall regional performance of Middle Market teams against multibillion-dollar net new target while maintaining retention.  She played a significant role in the merger of 2 large business units in concert with development and roll out of 2 new roles within the organization.  She rebuilt 3 teams, promoted 7 individuals, and created national strategy for sales and operations.

After years of recruitment from her husband Carmen left her corporate career to work in her family construction business as the Chief Accountability Officer.  Watching years of the company’s explosive growth she realized the business had hit the ceiling and decided to leverage the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) to break through; following several challenging meetings trying to self-implement the team hired a professional implementer to unlock the potential of the business.  In less than 6 months the company saw 35% growth in top line revenue and double-digit contribution to the bottom-line growth coupled with a culture of accountability and teamwork.  After strengthening the 6 key components of the business it was sold to a national brand for significantly more than the original offer prior to EOS Implementation.

Carmen works throughout the United States and lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband Doug and her two children Rudy and Andi.  In her spare time Carmen enjoys cooking, riding horses, traveling, and physical fitness.