Why BAC?

Organizationally is it hard to get stuff done?
Business Accountability Coach can help.

Business Accountability Coach is Different,

Change is necessary to make progress, however change is difficult and often scary. Business Accountability Coach and Carmen D’Ambrosio is here to help you navigate the unknown as you embark on the EOS journey. The EOS process will be work as the tools are simple but not easy, we know because Business Accountability Coach has been where you are and can help you get where you want to be. Carmen D’Ambrosio has a unique set a skills that she has developed through experience and study. She is a no nonsense person and is not afraid to point out the elephant in the room to allow your leadership team to eat it bite by bite. Carmen has a way of engaging the entire leadership team and facilitating safe, open, and honest conversation which you will find to be the catalyst to harmonious alignment and progress against goals. Carmen brings a uniqueness to the session room and some things you can expect are:

Talent Development:

She can help you cut through the clutter and politics to see each person’s unique abilities and build a meaningful accountability chart with experienced individuals from your organization in the right seats to drive your business to the next level and beyond.  Carmen D’Ambrosio has uncanny ability to quickly assess the talent in the room and help the individuals to see themselves differently; she has a career of hiring, developing, and promoting top talent and these skills can help your team reach new levels by asking the right questions to harvest the talent in the room and in the business.

Experience with Running an EOS Business:

While working through your pure EOS implementation Carmen D’Ambrosio can share tips and tools she has picked up along the way from her personal experience of implementation and running a mid size construction firm or best practices from her peers in the EOS Implementer Community which she actively participates and shares.  Carmen knows once you leave the session room your work starts and she will be there every step of the way to support your team and help each member of the leadership team stay accountable to pure EOS implementation. 

Systemization and Execution:

Carmen D’Ambrosio was known in her corporate roles for execution and systemization.  She continued to hone those skills in her own business and this coupled with EOS simplified approach she can help your team create lasting processes and solutions for every day challenges.  Execution through others actions is big part of the work you will do in the session room and as a former Accountability Officer she will give you tools to be effective and get stuff done.  She also will challenge your team to think about processes differently creating breakthroughs for your organization.  Once your company creates your path Carmen will leverage the proven EOS method to help you stay on track and achieve radical success.

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